Friday, January 2, 2009

Back Issue #1: Nuts In My Mouth

Originally posted May 30th, 2008 on MySpace.

My Mom likes to bake when she has time. Why, just the other day, my Mom decided she'd make some muffins from a recipe she had. It was some sort of banana-nut muffins, that contained of, you guessed it, bananas and nuts. It also had coffee grounds in it, which I thought was kind of weird, but that was the least of my concerns.

Personally, I think nuts ruin any dessert. Peanut butter is a different story all together. But nuts, as a whole that are not "butter-fied" in desserts make me want to gag.

So there I was, cutting this freshly baked, moist, muffin. It had a sweet maple syrup smell to it because of the brown sugar which was mixed with the delicious aroma of bananas. So I took the knife and carefully spread the butter on it. Just as I finished that, I picked up half of the muffin and began to bite down. The richness of the butter (yeah, or margarine) and the deliciousness of the muffin combined in my mouth, producing a wonderful taste. I continued to bite down, when all of the sudden...


It was an almond. It totally interrupted the blissful taste of the muffin itself with a bland crunchy thing that is almost like adding negative taste to the muffin. It was appalling. Just when I was starting to enjoy the moistness of the muffin, I'd bite into another one! It was awful.

I was under the impression that my Mom knew that I hate nuts in stuff like that. If I'm bored and kinda hungry, and we have some peanuts around the house, I'll eat them or whatever. That's fine. But I definitely think you shouldn't surprise people with them. Don't be all, "Hey! Here's an awesomely delicious and moist muffin! Enjoy!" then turn away and stick a finger in each ear as if the nuts in the muffin were a bomb about to explode in my face. She didn't do that, but she might as well have. I'd rather my head explode than eat another muffin with nuts in it. I also wish I was allergic to nuts. And I mean like, deathly allergic. So that way my mom would go out of her way NOT to include nuts in stuff. But I only wish I was allergic to the whole nut. I can give up my occasional peanut snack, but I cannot live without Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. ABSOLUTELY CANNOT!

Anyway, to sum all that up. Nuts ruin desserts. They taste gross in muffins, and in brownies, and don't even get me started on nut-riddled ice cream.


Michael said...

This caught my attention on the Dashboard because May 30th is my birthday. That is fascinating, no?

I don't mind the nuts but I can empathize. I think my aunt made that same banana-nut-coffee grounds thing for the family last week. It's a bit too chewy.


Wendy said...

Heh..I LOVE NUTS,in all forms and in all manner of food...desserts, main courses, salads...yummy and good for you! The blog looks really good and when I bake you cookies, I won't put any nuts in them =)

Drew said...

I echo your sentiments completely. Nuts are the bane of my dessert-enjoying experience.

I can't tell you how many times I haven't even bothered to eat something that might have been amazing, even, just because it had nuts in it. I, too, wish I was allergic so people would make me nice sweets without crappy nuts.

Desserts, to me, should be smooth and enjoyable and nuts just ruin the entire show.

katty said...

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