Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Old people protesting?! This must be serious!

First off, here's the video I'm going to be talking about:

For those too lazy to click, a cat was kicked out of a post office in Alabama because someone wrote a letter complaining about it. Now I'm not going to point any fingers at people who might be capable of writing such a letter, but someone must have a strong opinion about cats. Fair enough I guess. Some people are allergic to cats, so it would make sense to have pets like that in privately owned stores and such, and maybe not a federal government building. All in all though, that cat probably wasn't doing anyone any harm.

But, once these old citizens caught wind thanks to their oxygen tanks of the horrible thing that happened to this poor cat, instead of maybe adopting the cat like a sensible person might do, they're actually protesting. Seriously? Of all the things these guys could protest in this world and use their limited yet valuable time tring to change, they pick a cat.

Understandably, while the cat will probably live longer than the majority of the folks in that video, they could still protest something meaningful, like why this video is the most viewed on YouTube of all time. Decent song I guess, but really?


Avery Prior said...

random question bro:

are you one of those guys who actually reads the comics and the old school issues too (not just current stuff and "ultimate ________") or are you one of the jokers who watches the movie and says "OooOh! I'm a big freaking superhero fan"?

its alright if you are the second but hopefully you are the first.

Uncanny x-men freakin rule. Amazing Spider-man is killer too. Captain America is kinda hit or miss for me........

Comic Superzero said...

Nah, I'm definitely not the second one. The old school stuff is definitely where it's at. I do read some modern titles like Ultimate Fantastic Four and X-Men First Class (which I only started reading because I'm a fan of Jean and it's the only comic she's alive in that's worth reading, in my opinion), but I've also read various stories from Uncanny X-Men, old and new. Both of which, I'm a fan of.

I also have a ton of trades that I need to get to reading. I have older stories like "God Loves, Man Kills" and stuff like that that I've neglected and need to read. My favorite series of all time is definitely Grant Morrison's run of New X-Men. I really enjoy that as well as the "Origin" miniseries that was about Wolverine's past.

As far as those movie-fanatics go, I can't help but pity them. The X-Men movies (with the exception of maybe the second one) were not really that great and didn't do any of the characters justice, besides maybe Wolverine. The Phoenix Saga and the Dark Phoenix Saga (both of which I've read) are some of my favorite arcs and they were certainly mutilated in the third movie. What are we going to do though, right? I guess we just have to accept that it's supposed to be an alternate universe or something.

Regardless, I've been a fan of the X-Men since I was 4 (thanks to the animated series). Ever since then, I've been primarily collecting anything and everything X-Men. I've been a serious "keep-everything-MOC" collector for over 10 years now. I have recent pics of my collection that I'll post very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Let me know what you think. =)

Avery Prior said...

haha cool. just checking man. sounds like you are right on track....

yeah X3 sucked to an extreme amount. have to agree with you there. the other two i didn't like, but they weren't necessarily bad. (plus Patrick Stewart is my boy)

this is random, but i like how in the sixth season of buffy the vampire slayer, they really strongly alude to the Dark Phoenix Saga (with Dark Willow and such). i grew up on that stuff and in some ways it really got me into actually going back and reading the old x-men issues

Michael said...

About the cat, agreed. About X-Men, I bow before you.


Comic Superzero said...

Michael: Haha thanks. I hope you liked the reference to your blog. =D

Wendy said...

Yes adopting him would be nice but as a fixture in the post office, he was a community cat that belonged to everyone. I think is stupid that the post office caved to one stupid, ignorant asshole who didn't want the cat there. I like public places that have a pet, it adds to the sense of community and brings the benefits of pet ownership (lowered stress, etc) to a wider group of people. And I bet they aren't allowed to have pets at the nursing home or assisted living center so the post office was all those old people had.