Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Reason I'm a Comic Book Superzero

Someone inadvertently pointed out that I never write about comics and comic related things. I suppose this could be a let down to some people because of my blog's name and such, but I can't help it. Not to say I'm never going to write about comics and other related things, but I just haven't had anything to write about in regards to them.

Liking the X-Men is a big part of who I am. I think that in order for a blog to be about me and the stories I have to tell, it has to have a name that really relates to me as well, hence "Comic Book Superzero".

Furthermore, while I haven't read more than half (maybe even a quarter) of all of the comics I own, one could argue that I'm too busy keeping my X-Men collection up-to-date.

My X-Men collection is definitely something I've taken pride in for most of my life now. I started liking the X-Men at the tender age of 4 or so when the animated series was all the rage. Since then, I've always been interested in their merchandise. Around ten years ago, I started collecting everything MIB (mint in box, a term referring to the condition of an action figure and related things, for all you people who probably don't spend a good portion of their paychecks on toys).

Over the years, I've managed to obtain a lot of X-Men things, those of which I'm going to share with you in the following pictures. I hope you all enjoy!


I'll answer any questions in the comments. But, to cover some basic ground...

I don't know what I'd do in case of a fire.
I don't know what I'll do when I have to move.
Dusting's a pain in the butt.

Those seem to be some common concerns. Just thought I'd get them out of the way. =)


Kathryn-Leigh said...

Wow That's A LOT of X-Men Stuff. I Think It's Pretty Cool You Have Collected So Much, I Wouldn't Be Able To Leave Stuff In The Original Packaging.Your Room Looks Like A Toy Store, Which Is Pretty Awesome.

David Gallaher said...

Nice collection. I was never a Mint-In-Box guy, but it always looks impressive to see that kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Cool collection.

(How did you get rid of your borders for your template?)

Comic Superzero said...

Brian- I can't write HTML for the life of me, but I can read it well enough. After going through the html code, I found the borders and either got rid of them or made them white... I can't remember.