Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The bird bird bird, the is the worst!

Today while waiting for my husband's car to be inspected, he and I walked over to a nearby shopping plaza to kill some time. I saw a pet store and immediately went in. I love animals and all, but I really just wanted to see if they had chinchillas. I'd never own one due to the price of one/the fact you're not supposed to separate it from it's mate so you're supposed to buy two, but I love to look

When we walked in, the first thing we did was look at the giant birds they had in the window. We saw this giant cockatoo sitting on top of it's cage that I'm betting was pretty overpriced. The moment it saw us, it started to scale the cage. We thought it was afraid of us at first because as it was climbing down, it hit the cage door with it's foot and made it move. It went past the cage door, however, and plopped down onto the ground.

It stared at us for a moment, with it's head cocked to the side so it could look up at us with it's weird side crazy eye. With his head still cocked, it then proceeded to run after us, only breaking eye contact to look at our shins with it's beak open. When it became apparent he was going in for the kill, we briskly walked away. He chased us for a bit with his head still creepily cocked to the side, until he was distracted by a different customer that was on his phone.

Even though I was laughing, I was a little unnerved. I could hear his little talons click against the tile of the store as he ran amok. The new guy it was chasing was trying to ignore it. He'd turn and walk away from the damn bird, only to turn around to see it essentially standing on his shoe, flapping it's wings. It actually bit at the guy's pants and the mohawk thing on his head fanned out. It was pretty terrifying.

Once we got the nerve to try to get past the bird so we could leave, it noticed us again and stood between us and the door. I was mostly afraid it would follow us out and we would be responsible for paying for it. I'm sure we'd be able to sort the situation out with the owner though. It'd seem a lot more likely that the bird would attach itself to me rather than escape.

We had to actually wait for the bird with it's cocked crazy stare to get distracted by the phone guy again before we ran out the door. Once out, we looked back and he was starring at us through the window on the door.

I'll probably never go back there.

Are cockatoos usually that mean?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flush it down... Open up!

So my husband and I have been dealing with Smokey living downstairs for awhile now. Things have gotten sort of awesome on that front, though.

The other day we saw her packing stuff into her car. We hoped she was moving, but decided it was likely she was moving some of her late husband's things into storage. Life wouldn't treat us THAT well. Especially as of late.

This last weekend we lost water to our apartment. Apparently some roots had grown into the pipes and water and sewage were getting clogged on their way out. Long story short, it's fixed now, but it was a long weekend of strategic pooping and marathon quick showers.

Thankfully our water was fixed and things were mostly back to normal, because then my husband got food poisoning. After our weekend, I never thought I'd be more thankful for flushing. Turns out I was wrong.

He's better now though. And things just got even BETTER. The police came banging on our door, looking for Smokey. I can't even imagine what she did to have the police after her, but they were pretty desperate to get into her apartment. I imagine she killed like, 20 people with her second hand smoke, but who knows. It was probably something more realistic, like 30 people. Or babies. Or 2 other otherwise happily married men who just want to breathe in their already questionable air.

She's awful.

Also, it turns out she is in fact moving out at the end of this month, so that's pretty exciting! She either got a new apartment, or a jail cell. Either way, I'm happy for her. Mostly for me though. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Help! I want to start collecting Doctor Who stuff.

I have no idea where to even begin.

I'd love to collect the 5in figures, but I'd have to sit down and decide which of each figure I'd want. Would I want "police woman" Amy Pond, or her regular outfit? Which of the 5 or so David Tennant figures would I pick? They're all basically the same, plus or minus glasses and different color suits. Also, would I even buy a Martha Jones figure? Probably not.

Instead of the 5in figures, I could also get the Hot Toys Doctor Who dolls. They're wicked expensive though. And there's only 2 different ones; hardly enough to fill the blank shelf I have. I wonder if I could find a Dalek in the same scale? Maybe even a Tardis?

I have to think really hard about what sort of Doctor Who collectibles I want. I don't want my collection to get out of control, so I need to set a limit before I start and decide what I want.

But I can't pick! I want it all!

I wish my curio cabinet were bigger on the inside.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Take that, lady downstairs!

Just discovered a temporary solution to the smoke odor problem my husband and I have been having from our neighbor below...


This surprisingly helped clear the smell of smoke out of our bedroom. Will our clothes smell more like smoke now that our dryer sheets have potentially absorbed the odor? Probably. But at least I can breathe temporarily.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I just called... to say... I'll hire you!

My phone just rang from an unknown caller and woke me up. I answered it, thinking it was a prospective job interview. I've applied to a few different places recently, hoping to find some sort of a second job. Turns out it was for a job interview, but with a company that just "happened to view my resume" online. The woman asked me to rate myself on organization and time management on a scale of 1-10. Obviously I gave myself 10. What am I, and idiot?

She then asked me if I would be available for an interview "tomorrow or Wednesday". I tried to think of what I was doing tomorrow. Normally this would be the simplest of tasks, but I was still in a daze from just waking up and I was completely bewildered. I sat there for what felt like an eternity tying to figure out what day it was. I couldn't ask, or my 10/10 organization and time management skill rating would be out the window.

I spent the next minute or two mumbling things like, "Let me see here..." and making noises with my mouth to make it sound like I was checking my incredibly organized agenda. If only "checking my agenda" was the same thing as "picking crusties out of my eye"... I would've nailed it.

After giving up on figuring out whatever the hell tomorrow was, I asked her if she had anything later in the day instead of mornings. She told me possibly next week around 4. I could've checked my schedule on my phone, but by this point I felt like I pretty much blew the interview with the company who's name escapes me.

I left it open ended saying that as soon as I got my work schedule, I could let her know. She gave her name and number. I asked her to repeat the name of the company since I missed it earlier while checking my imaginary planner. Turns out it was for a company that sold life insurance. It also turns out that it was probably a scam. After I hung up with her, I googled their name and on the first page of results there was someone complaining about how they'll give anyone an interview and ultimately they'll just waste your time.

Have you ever totally bombed an interview or embarrassed yourself on an important phone call? One time during an interview at Best Buy I accidentally said I was a life guard instead of telling them that I was CPR certified. I corrected it immediately, but I didn't get the job. Should've just let him think I was a life guard! The manager seemed impressed at first.

Anyway, share your stories with me in the comments section!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Holy crap!

Ok, here's a little background info before I tell you what I'm so excited about:


That about sums it up.

Ok, so last August Hasbro announced they're making a Jean Grey action figure in their Marvel Legends toy line. As you could probably guess, I was super stoked. Then in October, they announced a variant of the figure! It was Jean Grey in her White Phoenix outfit! I didn't think I could be more excited!

Then, this last Sunday, it happened...

THEY ANNOUNCED A THIRD VARIANT! Her Age of Apocalypse costume!

That's right! I get not one...not TWO... but THREE Jean Greys!!!

I literally couldn't compose myself for about an hour. Between the giggles and the pointing at my computer monitor, I was inconsolable. These last few months have been a pretty good time to be a Jean Grey fan. Not only is she alive again in the comics, but she's also in the upcoming Marvel Heroes game, which I'll surely be obsessed with. And now, I get three action figures of her!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Also, I have a new blog!

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