Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flush it down... Open up!

So my husband and I have been dealing with Smokey living downstairs for awhile now. Things have gotten sort of awesome on that front, though.

The other day we saw her packing stuff into her car. We hoped she was moving, but decided it was likely she was moving some of her late husband's things into storage. Life wouldn't treat us THAT well. Especially as of late.

This last weekend we lost water to our apartment. Apparently some roots had grown into the pipes and water and sewage were getting clogged on their way out. Long story short, it's fixed now, but it was a long weekend of strategic pooping and marathon quick showers.

Thankfully our water was fixed and things were mostly back to normal, because then my husband got food poisoning. After our weekend, I never thought I'd be more thankful for flushing. Turns out I was wrong.

He's better now though. And things just got even BETTER. The police came banging on our door, looking for Smokey. I can't even imagine what she did to have the police after her, but they were pretty desperate to get into her apartment. I imagine she killed like, 20 people with her second hand smoke, but who knows. It was probably something more realistic, like 30 people. Or babies. Or 2 other otherwise happily married men who just want to breathe in their already questionable air.

She's awful.

Also, it turns out she is in fact moving out at the end of this month, so that's pretty exciting! She either got a new apartment, or a jail cell. Either way, I'm happy for her. Mostly for me though. Just sayin'.

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