Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Help! I want to start collecting Doctor Who stuff.

I have no idea where to even begin.

I'd love to collect the 5in figures, but I'd have to sit down and decide which of each figure I'd want. Would I want "police woman" Amy Pond, or her regular outfit? Which of the 5 or so David Tennant figures would I pick? They're all basically the same, plus or minus glasses and different color suits. Also, would I even buy a Martha Jones figure? Probably not.

Instead of the 5in figures, I could also get the Hot Toys Doctor Who dolls. They're wicked expensive though. And there's only 2 different ones; hardly enough to fill the blank shelf I have. I wonder if I could find a Dalek in the same scale? Maybe even a Tardis?

I have to think really hard about what sort of Doctor Who collectibles I want. I don't want my collection to get out of control, so I need to set a limit before I start and decide what I want.

But I can't pick! I want it all!

I wish my curio cabinet were bigger on the inside.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Take that, lady downstairs!

Just discovered a temporary solution to the smoke odor problem my husband and I have been having from our neighbor below...


This surprisingly helped clear the smell of smoke out of our bedroom. Will our clothes smell more like smoke now that our dryer sheets have potentially absorbed the odor? Probably. But at least I can breathe temporarily.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I just called... to say... I'll hire you!

My phone just rang from an unknown caller and woke me up. I answered it, thinking it was a prospective job interview. I've applied to a few different places recently, hoping to find some sort of a second job. Turns out it was for a job interview, but with a company that just "happened to view my resume" online. The woman asked me to rate myself on organization and time management on a scale of 1-10. Obviously I gave myself 10. What am I, and idiot?

She then asked me if I would be available for an interview "tomorrow or Wednesday". I tried to think of what I was doing tomorrow. Normally this would be the simplest of tasks, but I was still in a daze from just waking up and I was completely bewildered. I sat there for what felt like an eternity tying to figure out what day it was. I couldn't ask, or my 10/10 organization and time management skill rating would be out the window.

I spent the next minute or two mumbling things like, "Let me see here..." and making noises with my mouth to make it sound like I was checking my incredibly organized agenda. If only "checking my agenda" was the same thing as "picking crusties out of my eye"... I would've nailed it.

After giving up on figuring out whatever the hell tomorrow was, I asked her if she had anything later in the day instead of mornings. She told me possibly next week around 4. I could've checked my schedule on my phone, but by this point I felt like I pretty much blew the interview with the company who's name escapes me.

I left it open ended saying that as soon as I got my work schedule, I could let her know. She gave her name and number. I asked her to repeat the name of the company since I missed it earlier while checking my imaginary planner. Turns out it was for a company that sold life insurance. It also turns out that it was probably a scam. After I hung up with her, I googled their name and on the first page of results there was someone complaining about how they'll give anyone an interview and ultimately they'll just waste your time.

Have you ever totally bombed an interview or embarrassed yourself on an important phone call? One time during an interview at Best Buy I accidentally said I was a life guard instead of telling them that I was CPR certified. I corrected it immediately, but I didn't get the job. Should've just let him think I was a life guard! The manager seemed impressed at first.

Anyway, share your stories with me in the comments section!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Holy crap!

Ok, here's a little background info before I tell you what I'm so excited about:


That about sums it up.

Ok, so last August Hasbro announced they're making a Jean Grey action figure in their Marvel Legends toy line. As you could probably guess, I was super stoked. Then in October, they announced a variant of the figure! It was Jean Grey in her White Phoenix outfit! I didn't think I could be more excited!

Then, this last Sunday, it happened...

THEY ANNOUNCED A THIRD VARIANT! Her Age of Apocalypse costume!

That's right! I get not one...not TWO... but THREE Jean Greys!!!

I literally couldn't compose myself for about an hour. Between the giggles and the pointing at my computer monitor, I was inconsolable. These last few months have been a pretty good time to be a Jean Grey fan. Not only is she alive again in the comics, but she's also in the upcoming Marvel Heroes game, which I'll surely be obsessed with. And now, I get three action figures of her!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Also, I have a new blog!

Check it out at!

And don't worry, I'll update both regularly. I promise.

Let me know what you think and make sure you follow so you're notified when I post new things!

Dear downstairs neighbor...

I'm beginning to hate you and your incessant smoking. I can smell it through the floorboards and it's terrible. I wish you stop smoking so I would feel less compelled to punch you in the face next time I see you. And so I can breathe.

Quitting wouldn't kill you. Just saying. In fact, it might have the opposite effect.

Your upstairs neighbor who's thinking of smelly ways to get you back.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

IBS: Irregular Blogging Syndrome

I suffer from it, but I've found a cure! I've decided I'm going to post every Wednesday. I even set a reminder on my iPhone so I won't forget. So be excited for that regularity! You may see a blog here or there on others days, but there were will definitely be at least 1 blog every week on Wednesdays. I though this was a good day because if nothing else, I can talk about a comic that I read that day because, for those of you who don't know, every Wednesday is "New Comic Book Day".

Anyway... Yay for setting goals!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chumps Online

City of Heroes closed down, and it sucks. I never thought I'd find another superhero MMO that I'd be obsessed with, until Champions Online. This game has completely taken over my life. For the last two weeks, I've done literally nothing but play that stupid game in my free time.

It all started after City of Heroes announced they were closing. I was pretty upset! I had played that game for 8 years and created my very own superheroes and played as them for hours on end. I should note, that after 8 years, the initial addiction wore off about about 2 years. Since then, I played on and off and managed my life accordingly. I played for quite a bit when the announcement to sunset City of Heroes came out, but then took a 3 month break from playing.

Then, something clicked (or broke) in my head, and I became obsessed. If I have a day off, I will literally get out of bed, play Champions Online, and then go to sleep. On my best days, I'll get a few levels on my hero, as well as brush my teeth and shower. I can't even image what my bad days will be like. I'd imagine it'd start by making the wrong decision between doing one more "Alert" mission and going to the bathroom.

To give you a bit of an idea as to how obsessed I am, here's a few sad things that should be listed and not given too much detail:
1. I played all day on Superbowl Sunday and I didn't even get to watch the puppy bowl.
2. I've payed real-life money to the game just to re-pick my hero's powers at least 4 times. 3. At work I spent a large portion of my time being excited over some new gear I was going to unlock in the game that night.
4. I regularly participate in costume contests in the game and get mad at stupid categories.(Like categories where they make you find a partner with a similar costume and compete as a duo. Seriously?! What the hell! People like to plan for these things!)
5. I'm excited to be in one of the most popular Supergroups in the game (Red Academy).
6. I've regularly gotten frustrated because I can't decide which of my heroes to play.
7. I got really upset when 5 different heroes on different occasions told me that my hero looks like Invisible Woman just because she's blonde and wears blue and black.
8. I've reluctantly changed the colors of my costumes so they wouldn't say that anymore, then changed them back to be defiant, then changed them again because I didn't want the game moderators to think I was copying her and then to delete my character, and then changed the costume all together.

That definitely got worse toward the end.

As I'm writing this my husband's playing next to me, and I'm super jealous. He's been just as addicted too. I'm glad he's in my life for tons of reasons, but one in particular is that I have someone to make me feel guilty about this obsession. Sure, he's just as addicted as I am and has never once suggested we do anything else, but I still have a desire to function like a human being because of him. He motivates me to be a better person on a daily basis, even if that just means brushing my teeth.