Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jean Grey is possessed!

...And not by the Phoenix either...

My favorite X-Men of all time is Jean Grey, hands down. She's got cool powers, and she's hot... and she has a cool personality. That's important too, right? If you're new to the whole "X-Men" thing, you can find out more about Jean here.

In any case, she has a costume in a green mini skirt which I've always liked. It sported a rather geeky mask, but I really liked the look because it was very "retro" and was the coolest costume before she ever came in contact with the Phoenix. In recent months, they've advertised a statue of her in this very costume, pictured below:


So anyway, my Dad ordered this for me awhile ago for my birthday. It came in today (a lot earlier than I expected), and he gave it to me a few weeks early from by birthday, which if you don't know, is February 18th.

Needless to say, I was really excited to get this today. I have a pretty extensive statue collection, but I finally have my favorite character in my favorite costume ever.

I opened it up and instantly made a spot for it on one of my statue shelves, in the middle of Nightcrawler, Rogue, Storm, and Cyclops. I wanted to then show everyone my new statue, and what better way than to take a picture of it with my phone and send it to everyone, right?

I got out my phone and proceeded to take a picture of her. When I went to send the picture, however, I noticed the file was corrupt. That's happened before if it instantly saves the pic to my memory card, so I went to the options menu and checked where it was saving, and it was already saving to the phone, so I switched it to the memory card. I tried again to get a good picture of her, but the file was still corrupt. I then thought maybe the lights were too bright, so I adjusted the lighting on the statue, and was still unable to take a picture of her.

I then lifted my phone up a little bit, for shits and giggles, and went to take a picture of the shelf directly above her. I wasn't able to. Then I told my Mom my camera on my phone was broken and I'd have to go to Verizon (again) and get it fixed. I went to take a picture of my cat to show her what it was doing, but it worked this time.

Excited that my phone probably wasn't broken, I went back in my room and went to take a picture of Jean. Still corrupt. Then I decided I'd take a pic of an adjacent statue, and I was able to take a picture of Nightcrawler, Storm, Cyclops, and Rogue, but still not Jean!

I stood back a little and tried to get a group shot. Still couldn't take the picture. Thinking maybe it's the position of the statue on the shelf getting some interference, I moved my Rogue statue off the shelf and moved Jean to where Rogue was standing, and I still wasn't able to take a picture. My Mom and I were getting really creeped out.

Finally, I took the statue into the living room where I was finally able to get a picture of her.

What the heck? Is she haunted or something? I mean jeez. That was kind of ridiculous. She's now on my statue shelf right next to my computer, just looking at me. My other statues are too, but not the way she is.


I swear to God, I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning with bloody hand prints all over my room. That'd be scary as hell.

Update: I'm alive! And there were also no bloody hand prints. Anyway, here's the picture I was able to get...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Reason I'm a Comic Book Superzero

Someone inadvertently pointed out that I never write about comics and comic related things. I suppose this could be a let down to some people because of my blog's name and such, but I can't help it. Not to say I'm never going to write about comics and other related things, but I just haven't had anything to write about in regards to them.

Liking the X-Men is a big part of who I am. I think that in order for a blog to be about me and the stories I have to tell, it has to have a name that really relates to me as well, hence "Comic Book Superzero".

Furthermore, while I haven't read more than half (maybe even a quarter) of all of the comics I own, one could argue that I'm too busy keeping my X-Men collection up-to-date.

My X-Men collection is definitely something I've taken pride in for most of my life now. I started liking the X-Men at the tender age of 4 or so when the animated series was all the rage. Since then, I've always been interested in their merchandise. Around ten years ago, I started collecting everything MIB (mint in box, a term referring to the condition of an action figure and related things, for all you people who probably don't spend a good portion of their paychecks on toys).

Over the years, I've managed to obtain a lot of X-Men things, those of which I'm going to share with you in the following pictures. I hope you all enjoy!


I'll answer any questions in the comments. But, to cover some basic ground...

I don't know what I'd do in case of a fire.
I don't know what I'll do when I have to move.
Dusting's a pain in the butt.

Those seem to be some common concerns. Just thought I'd get them out of the way. =)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Old people protesting?! This must be serious!

First off, here's the video I'm going to be talking about:

For those too lazy to click, a cat was kicked out of a post office in Alabama because someone wrote a letter complaining about it. Now I'm not going to point any fingers at people who might be capable of writing such a letter, but someone must have a strong opinion about cats. Fair enough I guess. Some people are allergic to cats, so it would make sense to have pets like that in privately owned stores and such, and maybe not a federal government building. All in all though, that cat probably wasn't doing anyone any harm.

But, once these old citizens caught wind thanks to their oxygen tanks of the horrible thing that happened to this poor cat, instead of maybe adopting the cat like a sensible person might do, they're actually protesting. Seriously? Of all the things these guys could protest in this world and use their limited yet valuable time tring to change, they pick a cat.

Understandably, while the cat will probably live longer than the majority of the folks in that video, they could still protest something meaningful, like why this video is the most viewed on YouTube of all time. Decent song I guess, but really?

I'm going to be a doctor! (Because I watch TV)

I was just watching a commercial for Plavix, which apparently is some sort of pill that prevents heart attacks and blood clots. Let me set the commercial's scene for you, incase you haven't seen it:

It's a bright, sunny day.
There's a family reunion.
Everyone's playing some sort of sport involving a ball, except the one older guy who's sitting in a folding chair.
A younger man jogs over and asks the old man to join.
"Not on these old legs!"

Then the younger guy goes on about Plavix and explains how it can help his heart condition and whatever. I'm sure you've all seen the commercials that are basically montage of physically active people while a monologue by an unseen narrator basically gives you a public service announcement explaining the risks of the disease and talks about the benefits of the pill. This, of course, is followed by the side effects of taking the pill, which is almost everything short of death (and sometimes even that. Erections lasting longer than 4 hours can be fatal!)

After that, the camera cuts back to the 2 men and the younger guy says, "Seriously, ask your doctor," in a variety of different ways. Really? Ask his doctor? Is that even logical? By "asking his doctor", not only is he suggesting you ask your doctor, but he's basically suggesting that your doctor's completely oblivious as to how to treat your disease. And you know what? He is. He probably doesn't watch Plavix commercials while watching endless hours horrible day-time television. He doesn't know about erections lasting more than for hours. He doesn't know anything about Abdominal pain, agitation, anxiety, constipation, decreased sex drive, diarrhea or loose stools, difficulty with ejaculation, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, gas, headache, decreased appetite, increased sweating, indigestion, insomnia, nausea, nervousness, pain, rash, sleepiness, sore throat, tingling or pins and needles, tremor, vision problems, vomiting.

But you know what? I do! During my winter break, I've watched more mindless TV during the day than you can shake a stick at. Not even a Wiimote.

Next time you're sick, come to me...

...Dr. Phil.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Burning Bridges

I've been pretty bitter lately. This blog isn't going to be an attempt at a humorous anecdote, not today. It's going to be me complaining about how people can be pretty crappy sometimes and not even realize it.

I have about 4 people I still consider really close to me. They're "good friends", most of the time. But lately, they've been dropping the ball a little bit. I'm going to talk about two friends in particular in this blog, which may or may not make things awkward between us. I know these people read my blogs, so I'm certain they'll know it's about them. To protect their identity, however, I'm going to call the first person Ted.

Ted and I are good friends, let me start off by saying that. He and I made plans to hang out last week after he got off work. He called me after work and said he couldn't hang out because he was having stomach problems and couldn't make it. That's completely fine. I get that. I'm not going to sit at home with my boxers in a knot over him not coming over for that reason. What kind of friend would I be?

I gave him a few days, thinking when he felt better, he'd reschedule. I didn't really hear from him for about 3 days, so I decided to give him a call on the 4th night. I was having some drinks with a friend, and decided maybe he'd like to join. Ted told me that he'd pass because he needed to take a break from drinking. Then I thought to myself, "Wait a minute... I thought you were sick?"

I let it go though. I don't doubt Ted was sick, but I figure if he's too sick to do anything at all with me, he's probably too sick to drink with a bunch of friends somewhere else. But hey, whatever.

Then 2 days later, on Monday, we had made plans to go to lunch that afternoon, when all of the sudden something came up and he had to put it off until Friday (not to mention, the restaurant we were going to go to is always closed on Mondays. We forgot.) So I thought it was a goof on both of our parts, and I guess I thought it didn't matter much that something came up with him. I did however ask him to hang out that night, but again, he already had other plans that night.

Ted is taking a few winter classes up at the college, so I figured he'd be busy all week with that and work so I decided not to bother him too much about hanging out. I figured since he's sort of ditched me at least 3 times now, he'd probably get a hold of me when he had some free time. I talked to him last night, and he told me we were still on for lunch today and that he would call me and wake me up in the morning so we could go.

1:47 pm rolls around and I finally wake up (I sleep late when I don't have school. Sue me), and I realized he never called. I sent Ted a text message just saying "...nice." to which he replied "what? and did you still want to go to lunch today?" I brushed it off and told him about a weird dream I had about him (which did happen), and that I was still up for lunch. He definitely forgot we were supposed to go to lunch today. Either that, or he figured if I didn't say something the day of (even though he said he'd wake me up), that it didn't count anymore. Apparently that means I don't want to go anymore.

When we finally got to lunch, he let it slip that he's basically been drinking with other people all week. Frankly, I'm sick of being lied to and forgiving when people think I'm an idiot and don't know what they're doing, especially when they're terrible at covering it up. I don't think he does these things on purpose per say, but I definitely think maybe he should take into consideration about how I'm feeling when he'd rather get drunk somewhere else than hang out with me like he was supposed to at least a week ago.

I'm sick to death of all these mind games you have to play with some people just to hang out with them. It's ridiculous. I shouldn't have to constantly remind a person that we have plans that night, and I certainly shouldn't be the one always asking to do things.

Furthermore, I shouldn't have to sit around and wait for someone's indecisive "maybe" to turn into a yes or the more probable answer, no.

I have another friend, who we'll call Kirra. Kirra, since we've been friends, has developed a rather severe case of OCD. Anything from germs and dust to pet hair bothers her. She won't go in anyone's house who has pets. It makes her skin crawl apparently. Therefore, since I have pets, whenever she's visiting, it's extremely hard for her to hang out with me now, but she seems to try. We managed to hang out twice since she's been back up here for Christmas from her collage a state or two away. She's had 3 weeks up here, and we were only able to hang out twice. Granted, that doubled the amount of time we hung out last time she visited for Thanksgiving, it still seemed like it wasn't enough.

Kirra and I had talked about her OCD and how she hated having it. She missed hanging out with me, and I her. She said she was going to suck it up and have me over as often as possible when she was home. Apparently that was a lie. Of course, she'll probably never admit that it was her OCD. Everyone's favorite excuse to not hang out apparently is their busy and hectic lifestyles. I don't buy it, not for a second. When you have no job, and nothing to do but hang out with your family for 3 weeks, I'd like to believe you'd have at least more than 2 days that you can hang out. I know Kirra said she's try and suck it up. As difficult as it can be though, I'd like to believe that she could have tried a little harder.

When she visited on Thanksgiving, after we hung out that one time, she literally ignored every text message and IM I sent her asking what was up for the next 2 weeks she was visiting, until she went home. That's why this time she felt really bad and wanted to hang out more. I guess I wasn't so lucky.

I probably should take this issue up with these people directly. I really should, but I can't. I'm not sure how they would take it. I just want to them to know that I'm on to them, and I know what they're doing to me and why they're doing it. I don't buy for a second that either one of them is actually too busy to hang out with me. If they really wanted to, they'd make time. I know these people care for me, they're my best friends, and I care for them too. I just think that for some reason or another they think they can pull a fast one on me and get away with it (sometimes over and over), but they really can't. I know them too well and have for too long.

Ted and Kirra, I want you guys to know, that when you read this (and I know you will), is that I forgive you guys, and I want to move on. I just wanted you guys to know that I know, without actually telling you directly. You don't ever have to bring it up, just know that I know, and try to be a better friend once in awhile. Quit with the silly mind games and for god's sake, Kirra, give me a straight answer. If you don't want to do something because you're OCD is acting up, fine, but don't give me a bunch of "maybe"s and expect everything to work itself out. I definitely think that everyone out of high school should be done toying people around, believing they can out smart anyone they want into thinking whatever. People aren't that dumb guys, they just play the game and go along with it to avoid confrontation. I'm done with that. Time to grow up, everyone.

I promise after writing this that I'm going to be even more straight forward when it comes to dealing with people. I won't try to manipulate people into thinking I'm doing one thing so I can hang with someone else, and I'm certainly going to deal with my problems even more directly than I was before. And I know what you readers are thinking, " Wow! That's pretty big talk for someone who just wrote a ridiculously long blog indirectly confronting all his problems!" I have no problem talking to either one of these guys about what's bugging me. I'd like to think I'm close enough to them so that I could tell either of them anything. However, both of these people were doing similar things to me, and I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and just let them both know what was up while protecting their identity from everyone and each other.

No hard feelings, Ted or Kirra. I just want things to change.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Back Issue #1: Nuts In My Mouth

Originally posted May 30th, 2008 on MySpace.

My Mom likes to bake when she has time. Why, just the other day, my Mom decided she'd make some muffins from a recipe she had. It was some sort of banana-nut muffins, that contained of, you guessed it, bananas and nuts. It also had coffee grounds in it, which I thought was kind of weird, but that was the least of my concerns.

Personally, I think nuts ruin any dessert. Peanut butter is a different story all together. But nuts, as a whole that are not "butter-fied" in desserts make me want to gag.

So there I was, cutting this freshly baked, moist, muffin. It had a sweet maple syrup smell to it because of the brown sugar which was mixed with the delicious aroma of bananas. So I took the knife and carefully spread the butter on it. Just as I finished that, I picked up half of the muffin and began to bite down. The richness of the butter (yeah, or margarine) and the deliciousness of the muffin combined in my mouth, producing a wonderful taste. I continued to bite down, when all of the sudden...


It was an almond. It totally interrupted the blissful taste of the muffin itself with a bland crunchy thing that is almost like adding negative taste to the muffin. It was appalling. Just when I was starting to enjoy the moistness of the muffin, I'd bite into another one! It was awful.

I was under the impression that my Mom knew that I hate nuts in stuff like that. If I'm bored and kinda hungry, and we have some peanuts around the house, I'll eat them or whatever. That's fine. But I definitely think you shouldn't surprise people with them. Don't be all, "Hey! Here's an awesomely delicious and moist muffin! Enjoy!" then turn away and stick a finger in each ear as if the nuts in the muffin were a bomb about to explode in my face. She didn't do that, but she might as well have. I'd rather my head explode than eat another muffin with nuts in it. I also wish I was allergic to nuts. And I mean like, deathly allergic. So that way my mom would go out of her way NOT to include nuts in stuff. But I only wish I was allergic to the whole nut. I can give up my occasional peanut snack, but I cannot live without Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. ABSOLUTELY CANNOT!

Anyway, to sum all that up. Nuts ruin desserts. They taste gross in muffins, and in brownies, and don't even get me started on nut-riddled ice cream.

Back Issue #0: Prologue

I've decided I'm going to post some of my more memorable blogs from MySpace on here. Some of the older blogs I've written on there were generally well received, some more than others. I have some favorites and some that I know people close to me liked. In anycase, any blog that starts with "Back Issue#___:" is an older blog. I hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

On a side note, I might edit some of them before I post them onto here.

And another side note, if you want to view my MySpace and my older blogs that I might not post, check it out here: . If you add me to friends, in the message, please include that you found me through my blog. Sometimes I get random creepers that add me to friends and I usually just ignore them. So yeah, thanks ahead of time.