Thursday, January 28, 2010

I scream for a bowl and spoon!

I really enjoy cake and I also enjoy ice cream. These two splendid things as we all know go marvelously together. Sometimes, however, not so much.

Some people do the whole "cone" thing for ice cream. I can respect that. I mean hell, you eat the dish you serve it in. I'm an avid fan of not dirtying dishes so you don't have to wash them. You do still have to wash the scoop after, but that's not an entirely huge deal.

I definitely sacrifice my "no dishes" rule though when it comes to ice cream. I prefer it in the bowl for sure. That way, there's no mess if the ice cream decides to melt and I can eat it at my own pace. Also, I don't lick ice cream, I bite it. I can't stand it when people lick ice cream, leaving their tongue trails in the tower of creamy goodness. Gross. In any case, I find it very beneficial to use a spoon when eating ice cream. It helps eliminate getting it all over your face.

With cake, on the other hand, it's much more customary to eat with a fork, on a plate. Liquids and ice cream are for spoons. If you're eating a solid food, you use a fork. That's basically a scientific fact. And you use a plate because there's nothing to contain like you would need a bowl for. The one exception to this rule however is ice cream cake, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, when it comes to eating cake AND ice cream, it only makes sense to put it in a bowl, and to use a spoon. It's much easier to scoop a chunk of cake and ice cream with a spoon than it is to stab the ice cream with the prongs of the fork as it runs through it like butter. Forget getting your cake to stay on the fork while you try to manage scraping that meager little portion of ice cream. And to add ease to the scooping of the spoon, it should be served in a bowl, lest it fall off the plate and onto the floor.

I write this blog because recently I was served cake and ice cream on a flimsy paper plate with a fork. It didn't go well.