Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The PERFECT Thermos (Illustrated Blog! Kind of, anyway)

Ok, for YEARS now, at least 3, I've wanted to buy a nice coffee thermos. Honest to God, I would walk by them in the store and stop and look at them. I'd pick them up, turn them around and look at the sides, the handle, the lid, and other stuff like that. Now, I don't drink coffee. I actually really think it's pretty disgusting. It smells GREAT... but kind of tastes like dirt.

It all started when I worked at Auntie Anne's in the summer of 2005. It was there that I first really made an attempt to be addicted to coffee. Call me crazy, but I definitely thought it was cool to drink coffee back then. Everyone else in high school was downing liquor like it was going out of style. I wanted to drink coffee... I must've been sooo popular in high school.

Needless to say, the coffee thing didn't work out for me. I couldn't really get past the taste, no matter how many packets of sugar or creamers I put in it. Plus, I feel like that when people look at other people drinking any kind of hot beverage, they think to themselves, "Wow, look at that person drinking that coffee or whatever. He looks pretty cool!" I've come to realize that makes as much sense as the theory that smoking makes you look cool. But honestly, if anything in the entire world were going to actually have an effect on your level of "coolness", it'd be coffee.

So why do I want a coffee thermos, you might ask? Well, it's very simple. I like hot chocolate, and there's no rule that says I can't drink hot chocolate out of a damn coffee thermos. So after 3 years of contemplating coffee, I've decided that I will most likely always be a hot chocolate fan. I have hot chocolate pockets and stuff at home, sure, but I don't have anything substantial to drink it out of. I have a tiny coffee mug I got at Universal Studios that has "Phil" on the side of it. It's kinds dorky (which normally I'd love), but it's also really tiny. I always use 2 packets of the hot chocolate mix instead of 2, and it's difficult to mix 2 packets of the stuff with the water in a mug that's that tiny.

On a recent trip to the Borders Cafe', however, I found exactly what I was looking for. THE PERFECT THERMOS! Now before you go off and say "Duh Phil! Check the fucking coffee place for a coffee thermos!"... I did. Quite a few times. I didn't really like what I saw much before that. It had to be seriously perfect. In retrospect, it was probably there the whole time, I just had to fall in love with it, which I did.

Anyway, the whole thermos thing didn't work out as well as I had liked. Since the thermos was substantially bigger than my coffee mug, I figured I would add a third packet of sugar. I realized the next morning, however, that that was a terrible idea. I got SO sick, it was ridiculous. Never again, will I add 3 packets of anything to anything.


Anonymous said...

A- Auntie Anne's? i don't even know what to do with myself... that is sooo fabulous
B- I used to drink coffee just to be cool.. NOT gonna lie.
C-Sweet thermos.


Anonymous said...

I think there may be times when three packets are called for....

Monstressity said...

That's a tiny thermos though I was picturing this garganuate silver thermos and here your holding a toddler red "thermos". I guess if it works for you then great.

I enjoy coffee but I have to limit myself because I do think a lot of coffee is disgusting but a lot of it has great flavor it's just about what you like really. I'm reading your post and sipping some Indian Spiced Chai tea thinking "He thinks he's cool with hot chocolate?" but you know what, McDonald's has that new McCafe menu and hot chocolate is on it so better believe it's making a hardcore comeback friend.

Anonymous said...

too bad your "phil" cup is tiny because that is one cool cup, I have to say. it beats my hard rock cafe cup that has rainbows all over it. I'm also a hot chocolate fan. I could drink that every day of my life and not get tired of it. coffee just tastes gross. I don't know how anyone could possibly manage to drink it. well, I'm glad you found your perfect thermos that allows you to have 2 packets of hot chocolate :) it tastes so much better that way.