Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've Been Discovered and Have an Album Coming Out!

And pigs fly!!! Well... demon pigs might at least. Anyway...

Many people sing in the privacy of their own home. Deny it all you want, but everyone does it. Who doesn't love cranking their MP3 player and just singing until they're blue in the face? No one. The especially spiffy people, like myself, dance along to it. The even spiffier people are good at their secluded dancing. I'm not that spiffy, yet.

In any case, last night I was listening to this band called Sherwood at like, 2am. As you might've guessed, I was having my own little concert in my room. No dancing though, just full out singing. There I was, slowly spinning in my computer chair, singing:

Would you wait if I wrote you a perfect song tonight?
To make your heart stand still and make your chest grow tight
But I'll never write a perfect line
And I don't even know why I waste my time and try, whoa

And for the longest time
I couldn't love her to save my life
Never a moment of peace in my mind, yeah
Cause in the longest line
The front and the back are the same sometimes
And taking a number has taken my time, whoa

and I was having such an amazing time. You don't even understand. I've listened to their CD about 8 times now, so I've almost got all of the lyrics down pat.

In any case, apparently my singing wasn't so private. Not only was I heard by someone else who would probably hold it over my head for a really long time (my Mom, if you hadn't figured it out), but I was actually preventing them from sleeping. I'm not sure if I feel more embarrassed or sorry for keeping her up. Probably more embarrassed considering I was listening to the music on my headphones, so all she could hear was me.

I'm starting to decide that I'm more embarrassed though. To be fair, she could've txted me (yes, she txts), and told me to shut the hell up, but she didn't. She even told me that she was going to, but was too lazy/tired to get up to tell me to be quiet.

Holy crap. I'm slowly remembering everything I was singing last night. It could have been the Sherwood CD, but there's a very good probability she heard me singing to the myspace karaoke thing that recently came out. It's this thing that allows you to read the lyrics to a song and sing along to it while you record yourself to hear how retarded and awful you sound. If you're feeling like making a total and complete fool of yourself, you can even post it online. I thought about doing it, but I didn't. Apparently subconsciously I knew I was already making a big enough fool of myself.

I hope she didn't hear that. I was singing some pretty "Toxic" songs. Hahahaha

Oh God, I'm never singing again.


laryissa said...

love Sherwood (:
and haha don't you hate those moments?

Anonymous said...

haha now that's cool!

Carrie Amie said...

oops I have totally done the same thing :) when you think no ones around, you're usually wrong lol

Anonymous said...

haha this post was hilarious. I'm pretty sure many people can also relate! I do the whole singing/ crazy dancing routine and almost certain my neighbors have seen/ heard me since I live in an apartment complex and we keep our windows and shades open at all times. oh well, most people can appreciate a fun time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was pretty funny...I hid a video camera somewhere in your living room the last time I was there....awesome! =)

Michael said...

What you said was very true. The family factor is a big one regarding holidays. I loved that shrewd observation, so thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

lol. me and my mate (on her she's laryissa) and our other friend sang screamo to Spice Girls the other night. My mom came in and just shook her head. She's used to it xD

Monstressity said...

Maybe your calling was not for writing but in fact to be singing a duet with Britney. Think of the possibilities! She could be your new love interest!

Anonymous said...

you've been tagged. check out my newest post.